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Small space gardening is become increasingly popular as more people move into condos and townhomes. Gardening is no longer only for homes with a large yard! With small space gardening, every inch is important, and Sunshine Landscapes guarantees to make the most use of the least space!

A technique that is found extensively in Europe, small space gardening, sometimes called the "square foot method," uses a combination of containers, raised beds, and trellises. Sunshine Landscapes will come to your home, evaluate your space, and come up with a suitable plan for your small space garden needs. A common theory holds that a 4 x 4 foot garden can produce enough vegetables for one person for the entire growing season. A big return on a small investment of land!

Sunshine Landscapes can set up a garden for you in any style you like, including the following (click any garden type for more information). Let us come to your home and show us how personalized garden design can improve your yard.

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