rain gardens

You may not even know what a rain garden is, but it might be perfect for your property! A rain garden uses elevation to take advantage of rainwater that falls onto your property, by installing plants in a depression that allows rainwater runoff to enter it and be absorbed. Rain gardens reduce runoff by allowing storm water to soak into the ground, and can therefore reduce erosion, water pollution of creeks and streams, and flooding.

Rain gardens traditionally contain native plants that are tolerant of the local climate and soil conditions. Sunshine Landscapes will come to your location and help you plan the perfect rain garden for your site, which will include a selection of wetland edge vegetation such as wildflowers, sedges, rushes, ferns, shrubs, and small trees. Your rain garden will help filter the water returning to the ground through a process called "biofiltration," and will return water vapor to the atmosphere through a process called "transpiration." By creating a rain garden, you'll beautify your yard and help the environment.

Sunshine Landscapes can set up a garden for you in any style you like, including the following (click any garden type for more information). Let us come to your home and show us how personalized garden design can improve your yard.

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