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A Japanese garden can add beauty and serenity to your yard. A well-designed and professionally installed Japanese garden follows the ideals of nature. There are no unnatural shapes (for example, perfect squares) in nature, and thus there are no unnatural shapes in a Japanese garden. Also key is to strive for a sense of balance in the design of the garden.

There are several basic designs of Japanese gardens, and Sunshine Landscapes will work with you to install the shape that works that best for your space. The basic designs are Hill and Pond, Flat Garden, and Tea Gardens. The first two can be done in a formal style, an intermediate style, or an informal style; the Tea Garden is always done in the informal style. Traditional Japanese gardens consist of the plants themselves, rocks, water, and some form of ornamentation — usually a lantern. Another aspect of Japanese gardening is the "hide and reveal" design technique, intended to entice visitors to your garden to keep walking into and exploring the garden space.

Sunshine Landscapes can set up a garden for you in any style you like, including the following (click any garden type for more information). Let us come to your home and show us how personalized garden design can improve your yard.

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